Meet the Players

1) Alexander Graves – Captain, Overlord, Emperor, All around great guy.
2) Eric Phillip – Mr Reliable, CB, and an all around ok guy.
3) Dan Edey – “I always swipe right”
4) Tej Sidhu – Captain with anger issues, but he’s in therapy so its OK.
5) Andrew Welch – Formally known as GRAPEJUICE, but settled on Welch (more professional).
6) Moonie Singh – Scores more than anyone…on and off the field.
7) Collin Greer – bio pending…see Jen.
8) Rockie Kang – Nicest guy ever, but Canadian, so its a given.
9) Marcus Davis – Looking for love on Tinder…hit him up.
10) Austin Jabbouri – Looking for literally anything…don’t hit him up.
11) Kenneth Hunt – Biggest sweetheart, babe, and model.
12) Jason Zouki – Giraffe, tall, and over 6 feet tall.
13) Andrew Bennie – Giraffe, but in the back line.
14) Patrick Biggins – Don’t mess with Patty. He doesn’t feel pain
15) Matt Youssef – Heard of a big truck that doesn’t stop? That’s Matt.
16) John Zhang – Best calves and hair and boots.
17) Joshua Baker – Blames Hatchets for failed love life – still plays though
18) Sam Grace – Saving rural and regional Australia. Too busy for football.
19) Bjorn – Will destroy your legs and tell you why you have BPD all at the same time
20) Nathan Sayer – Too good. Didn’t even tryout.