5 minutes with… Sjors

Position:  Outer very left left back/bench warmer

Pre-game superstitions: If I tie my shoelaces left over right I kick all game with left and vice versa

Favourite Hatchets moment: 1-1 vs Annerley, was a highly spirited game

Team-mate you hate having to play on in training games: Rigby, guy is quicker and more agile than a chicken

At a team function / night out – who would be –

  1. a) Last man standing at end of a big night? Knowlman (Editor’s note: Sjors obviously doesn’t know Tom that well)
  2. b) The seediest when drunk? Gibney
  3. c) The most likely to start a pub brawl? Pasta boy

Team mate you’d hate to live with most? Why? Tej, he will shed his luscious locks all over the joint. Prefer Mr Tee or Bjorn.

Which Hatchets player would you choose to take on Bobby of Warriors FC in a no holds barred street fight? Bjorn

How many games of FIFA have you played this week? 6

Who would win a Hatchets FIFA tournament? Me, myself and I

Mario Götze is 22 and has a World Cup medal. What’s your excuse? I moved to Australia where they play ‘’australian football’’

What was the last meme you tagged Tej  in?


 Editor’s note:  Upon rigorous research performed by our research team.  This was found to be false.  The following was then sourced:



Who will score the winning goal for the Hatchets in the med school cup grand final? Rigby

Thanks to Sjors for taking some time away from sunning himself on a beach somewhere to answer these questions!

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