Rigby: “I Will Play Through Pain”

Herston Hatchets fans can breathe a collective sigh of relief, after star man Nick ‘The Raging Bull’ Rigby passed a late fitness test today. Despite tonight’s top-of-the-table game against Annerley FC being labelled as ‘match of the season’, there were doubts in some quarters that Rigby would make it through to kickoff after he sustained an ankle injury in training. However, the mental toughness of the Hatchets’ favourite son has all but guaranteed him a start for the top-of-the-table clash.

Reporters swamped the winger as he emerged from the team’s state of the art medical centre in Brisbane’s inner north this afternoon. “I feel great, I feel ready,” Nick said to the swarms of microphones. “I mean, it’s not the worst injury I’ve had, all I’ve done is completely severed my right foot, just below the ankle. It’s barely a flesh wound.”

The injury was thought to have occurred in one of the Hatchets training sessions after a particularly nasty tackle by defensive stalwart Bjorn ‘Burghermeister’ Burgher, who is himself sidelined with illness tonight.

However, Nick has always been an optimist, and this was no exception. “In fact, I’ve taken the opportunity to practice my suturing techniques for OSCEs on Saturday. My entire right foot is connected again to the rest of my body, which is great. It might be a bit harder than usual to carry the team on my back, but if anyone can do it, I can.”

Rigby then held up his foot and proudly swivelled it around – a deep, distant grimace on his face for the entire 360 degree rotation. Fans can be proud of their star man who has recovered from what would surely sideline any another human forever.

Press release by Adam I / Simon B. The Hatchets take Annerley FC tonight in a first vs second match. Tickets are still available.

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