Heroic Hatchets Win Goliath-vs-David Battle

A courageous performance by the Herston Hatchets last Friday night provided a 4-3 win against QUT – the bottom team, who were also a player short. Despite QUT not even having enough players to field a full team, the noble Hatchets afforded their opponents the utmost respect and chose to deploy a full eleven men. This brave decision paid off after the Hatchets came from behind twice and fought their way to a 4-3 win.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.56.28 PM

The Hatchets are kicking to the top of your screen

Going into the match, the Hatchets coaching staff decided to persist with the 4-4-2 formation that had brought them a win against Le Foot FC last week. In other team news, there was a first cap for friend of the team Ciaran, who responded to an S.O.S. call for players late in the week to slot in on the left of midfield. Exclusive footage from the pre-game press conference is shown below.

The windswept Prentice Park played host to a lively first half, with Herston bullying their way to the lion’s share of possession. However, it was the unfancied QUT who slingshotted into the lead in the 23rd minute when a speculative strike from distance found its way into the net.

This was definitely not according to the script, and Herston redoubled their efforts. Dividends arrived soon afterwards in the form of an equaliser. Jack’s low cross from the right sliced through the QUT defence in much the same way as he will one day slice through tibias, and Steve L was on hand to finish into the bottom corner.

Any hopes the Hatchets faithful may have had of pushing on to an easy win were dashed when QUT scored again in the shadows of half time. In a season of conceding unlucky goals, this may have been the unluckiest. An absolutely aimless cross from the right hand side somehow landed squarely in the top corner of the Hatchets net, with Alex unable to do anything about it. Herston captain Steven C spent most of half time arguing to the referee that QUT should be penalised a second player to compensate for their lead.

The second half, fortunately, was a different story. The Hatchets bossed the game from the restart, and created multiple chances early on. A hard and low shot from Ciaran was saved by QUT’s keeper, but fell directly into the path of fox-in-the-box Nick R. “You just can’t give the Herston Hatchets 2016 top scorer that much time in front of goal,” muttered Nick to himself as he tucked the ball away into the bottom corner. “And that’s his twelfth of the season!” he roared in delight, wheeling away to the corner flag.

After equalising, it didn’t take long for the Hatchets to hit the front. A pinpoint corner from Jack was headed into the net by Steven C, who immediately sprinted a full 50 metres to the sidelines to make sure his onlooking girlfriend had seen him score.

“Yes Steven, I saw your great goal, you are really good at soccer.

Can I go home now?”

Just a few minutes later, another goal went in. “Fast feet from Nick… oh! and the ref will want to take a closer look at that one,” narrated Nick as he was tackled from behind in the box. And indeed the referee did subsequently award Herston the penalty, which was duly dispatched into the goal by Simon.

At 4-2, the game was threatening to become a rout. The Hatchets may have been guilty of taking their foot off the pedal, as QUT were able to score a scrappy goal late on. But it was not enough to change the result, and it finished 4-3.

The win takes the Hatchets into second place on the table at the halfway point in the season. Just two points behind first-placed Annerley, the team from UQ Med will be looking to regain top spot over the coming weeks.

The Hatchets have a bye this week, but will be back in action on the 15th of July.


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