Match Report: Le Foot FC 1 – Nick Rigby 2

Another superb performance from baby-faced assassin Nick Rigby last Friday night saw him single-handedly defeat Le Foot FC 2-1. The highly-rated opponents fought hard for 90 minutes, but simply didn’t have the ability or determination to stand against Nick, despite their home-ground advantage, strong recent form, and ten extra players. Ex-Herston Hatchets striker Rigby will be delighted with the victory, which lifts him back to within striking distance of league leaders Annerley FC.

rigby holland.jpg

Rigby taking the game to Le Foot FC.

The team formerly known as Herston Hatchets FC had shocked many during the week by announcing that they would be re-forming as a single player for the rest of the season. “It was a difficult decision, of course,” said new manager Nick Rigby before the game. “But at the end of the day, it’s for the good of the team. We have to stick with what’s working well for us – I mean, me – which so far this season has been my performances up front.”

“This will also allow me to get some extra fitness work in during games,” added a visibly excited Rigby.

Several players were left out of the match-day squad from last week, with no replacements required by the new manager. “I have a lot of respect for Jack, Steven, Adam, Adam B, both Toms, Sjors, Simon, Dan, Tej, Alex, Bjorn, Mike, Justin, Trey, the other Mike, Logan and Niv, Stew, Asian Steve, Marcus and Rockie,” said Nick. “But this team is bigger than any mere 22 [other] players, and they have to understand that.”

The game started well for Nick Rigby. Several early chances were created, and one was converted in the 17th minute. Rigby’s corner was well flicked on by himself, before he knocked home the rebound from inside the six yard box. Nick wheeled away in celebration, with the opposition players left to argue over who was supposed to have been marking him.


How Nick Rigby lined up.

It appeared that Le Foot FC didn’t take well to being 1-0 down to a single person, and more than a few frustrated tackles began to creep into their game. This reporter would have loved to have seen the foul count at half time. However, Nick elected to focus on the positives during his rousing half-time address, and reminded himself to focus on his own game, not the opposition’s.

A momentary lapse in concentration by Rigby allowed Le Foot to score an equaliser in the 66th minute. A speculative at best long ball wasn’t cleared by Nick, and a striker was allowed space to shoot. The shot bounced back off the upright, past a despairing dive from Rigby, before cruelly rebounding off the still-prone Rigby and back into the goal to equalise.

Rigby could’ve been forgiven for letting his head drop at this point in the match, but that is not the way he operates. After outpacing the defence down the wing in the 83rd minute, he calmly turned the last man before slotting his left-foot shot past the keeper. Nick’s 11th goal of the season was enough to win the game for himself, with the score finishing at 2-1.

After the game, Rigby stated that he was “satisfied” with the result, but was considering recalling “one or two” teammates for next week’s game against The Punters.

See Nick in action this Friday night at Jack Speare Park. 

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