Rumour Mill: Gilpin Covets Top Job?

Stunning developments have rocked the Brisbane footballing community today, as rumours surfaced of a possible power struggle in the Herston Hatchets back room. An anonymous source characterised Hatchets vice-captain Jack Gilpin as “ambitious” and “power-hungry”, and claimed that “he’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants”.

Gilpin last month suggested that current coach Simon Bennet was planning to leave the club and take over rivals QUT (read the full story here). However, a exclusive source today denied these allegations and thrust the spotlight directly back on Gilpin, and accused him of “deliberately plotting to take over the top job.”

Our source, who was seen to be tall, with a slim build and dark hair, was unequivocal about Gilpin’s supposed motive. “Jack has his eyes on my job, I mean the job, that’s why he’s trying to unsettle me, I mean Bennet, with rumours. He already showed a few weeks ago that he fancies himself as manager.”

What is undoubtedly true is that Gilpin was only too keen to test his managerial mettle in one particular Hatchets game last month. Gilpin had volunteered to rest for the game against UQ Fifths, and said at the time “while I’m here, I might as well go manager for the night, hey boys?”


Gilpin calling for a substitution from the dugout

“I’ve always tried to do the right thing by Jack, and this is how he repays me?” the source questioned, while unlocking his 2002 Camry Altise and climbing inside. “I have nothing but love for this club. In fact, I’ve just decided to take on an MPhil to extend my eligibility here for another two years.”

When reached for comment, Gilpin paused his episode of House of Cards and took the opportunity to distance himself from the controversy. “I was simply in the area on Friday night, so I thought I’d help the team out. If the job became available, maybe after a terrible accident at a train station, or something with carbon monoxide, of course I would be interested. But until then, I have nothing to say.”

It remains to be seen what will come out of this saga, but Hatchets fans worldwide will be hoping that it doesn’t affect the team’s on-field performance. Six rounds into the season, they are building towards a title challenge, and the last thing needed is a spate of cold-blooded revenge murders.

More news as it comes to hand.

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