Cecchi: “Our Best Is Yet To Come”

Adam I has completed this special report on one of the men behind the Hatchets this season.

Italian player-coach and Herston Hatchets captain Stefano di Stefano Cecchi di Massa was doing his best on Friday night to down play Hatchets’ status as QIF Friday Premier League favourites after sweeping aside QUT ‘C’ and putting his team on top of the table by goal difference.

Swamped by reporters after leaving the changing room post rousing full time speech, the captain, who is currently sidelined with Sciatica, looked and sounded completely at ease talking about the Hatchets position and on a couple of occasions insisted that there is no ‘obsession’ at the club of taking out the title.

“The result is good, but that’s not what matters. There’s no obsession for being perfecto here, it’s our first performance and it came together like beautiful Carbonara” he said with a coy smile. “Right now we’re enjoying our football and that’s what we want, we want to enjoy the football and make the dozens of Hatchetistas proud”.

Starting the season so brightly with a rout, a jocular Cecchi continued “I told them, okay, we do this again, I take everybody out for pizza, my treat. The family of the pizzeria near here owes me a favour; they make us the best pizzas for such a hungry squad”.

The player, dubbed the ‘Etruscan Freight Train’ by local tabloids, also spoke glowingly about the strength of the players.

“We were warriors tonight; not once did we look like watery Bolognese if you know what I mean. As a coach it is easy for me because I have 11 Gattuso’s out there” he remarked, notoriously able to bring AC Milan into any conversation at some point.


“Anyway, there’s a bunga bunga at my place later”

The interview trailed off at this point as Cecchi ignored all further questions, instead insisting on how Nesta and Maldini formed the greatest defensive pairing of the last 25 years and anyone who disagrees simply doesn’t understand football. The sentiment was clear however; the Herston Hatchets were determined but not entitled coming into this season. With the wounds still fresh from a tragic and controversial bowing out in the Semi-Finals last season, they are focussed on building strong foundations early and letting the narrative write itself.

It certainly will be an exciting narrative for the fans of Herston Hatches who are eagerly awaiting the Hatchets next game at Jack Speare Park, Taringa with a test against Springfield FC. You’re encouraged to come and show your support for the lads in their second game at 8:15pm this Friday.

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