Five minutes with… Darius Ashrafi

Ashrafi fights for the ball against Naita Phoenix this season.

Ashrafi fights for the ball against Naita Phoenix this season.

Position: Attacker/unorthodox keeper.

Pre-game superstitions: Don’t eat or drink anything. The best games are played completely fasted.

Favourite Hatchets moment: Last weekend. Coming back from behind to book a place in the final.

Team-mate you hate having to play on in training games: Sam Shum. As the only player smaller than me, I tend to hurt him way too much. Also, Cecchi. He knows why.

At a team function / night out – who would be –

a) Last man standing at end of a big night?  Me.

b) The seediest when drunk? I’ve heard stories about Nick.

c) The most likely to start a pub brawl? Probably Alex.

Team mate you’d hate to live with most: George. He already tries to make me his chauffeur and we don’t even live together.

Which Hatchets player would you choose to take on Naita Phoenix’s #10 in a no-holds-barred street fight? Alex Cote. Did you see him floor the QUT RB last week? (Editor’s note: I think everyone but the referee saw that one)

How many games of FIFA have you played this week? I haven’t played FIFA in aaaaaaages.

Darius, answer the question. Probably between 25-30.

Who would win a Hatchets FIFA tournament? On any given day, either me, Sunny, Simon or Adam. Most likely me though.

Mario Götze is 22 and has a World Cup medal. What’s your excuse? Genes.

You’re graduating at the end of this year. Is it true that you plan on entering a PhD program to extend your Hatchets eligibility? Yes. My research will investigate how to become the next Bjorn without selling my hair to the devil.

Who will score the winning goal for the Hatchets in this weekend’s grand final? I think George is due for something special.

Thanks to Darius for answering these fan-submitted questions. If there are any questions you’d like to see included in future player profiles, please call +61 7 336 55049 and ask for ‘the guy that writes shitty questions for a living’.

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