Five minutes with… Steven Cecchi

Cecchi in action against Naita Phoenix.

Cecchi in action against Naita Phoenix.

Nicknames: Tuscan Freight Train, Cecchi, Ketchi, Sechi, ‘Get your hands off me’.

Position: Centre-back , full-forward and all round great guy.

Favourite beer: All beer is good beer.

Pre-game superstitions: 1000 push ups.

Favourite Hatchets moment: Beating QUT 5-1.

Team-mate you hate having to play on in training games: Jenya – a slippery fish with sharp elbows.

At a team function / night out – who would be –

a) Last man standing at end of a big night? Simon Bennet. The Beat isn’t any good till late.

b) The seediest when drunk? There will only ever be one answer, Pierre-Nicolas Boyarms.

c) The most likely to start a pub brawl? Adam ‘mylatsarebiggerthanyours’ Irelandes.

Team mate you’d hate to live with most: Michael Alim, the amount of snap chats on the toilet that he sends would mean he’s in there all day.

How many games of FIFA have you played this week? Enough to win division one title several times.

Which Hatchets player would you choose to take on Naita Phoenix’s #10 in a no-holds-barred street fight? I’m a lover not a fighter.

Where was Jenya Demidenok really born? Some know him as Jenny from the Bloc.

Dream speciality once graduated: Ob/gyn.

Don’t you mean neurosurgery? Yeah righto mate. (Editor’s note: He means neurosurgery)

Mario Götze is 22 and has a World Cup medal. What’s your excuse? Carb loading.

Who will score the winning goal for the Hatchets in this year’s grand final? It probably won’t be Drew Williams.

Nominate the next player to be interviewed: Jon-Mark Lane.

Steven Cecchi, who recently won the award for ‘most hated defender in QIF Sunday Premier League’, will be hoping to make his return to the team next Sunday against Woodridge Rodelu. Cecchi had missed the last game against Gustav Hurricanes with RUQ tenderness, gastritis, severe dehydration, photophobia and a “9/10” migraine. He claims these symptoms are “extremely idiopathic”, and denies drinking Fijian Rum (70% a/v) the night beforehand.

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