Five minutes with… Michael Alim

Compact Hatchets midfielder Alim answers YOUR questions!

Nickname? Oi you, Andrew Lee, Andrew Lee’s cousin, Mike, Michael.
Funniest team mate? Jenya “The Dre” Demidenok.
Team mate you’d hate to live with most? Drew Williams, he has a wife and kid so it’d be a bit awkward.
Pre-game superstitions? Pre-game dump means a victory. Pre-game diarrhoea means a thrashing and I should not have gone with the curry. Pre-game constipation means someone put something in my drink.
Favourite Hatchets moment? Finding my long-lost twin, Andy Lee.
Favourite nightspot? The Beat, everyone is just so friendly to me and all the guys want to buy me drinks.
Team-mate you hate having to play on in training games? Kregg for pace and trickery. Bjorn Burgher because of that reflective surface on his superior dome.
At a team function / night out – who would be –
a) Last man standing at end of a big night? Nick Boyer because he was probably thrown out early. See below.
b) The funniest when drunk? Toby.
c) The most likely to start a pub brawl? Nick Boyer, as per a)
d) The one to dog the boys in chase of a bird? Sony, I don’t believe he has a shoulder problem.
Who do you play like? Opinions vary between Riquelme and Redondo but the vast majority say Ronaldo.

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