Hatchets Go Top With 3-2 Win

A 3-2 win by the Herston Hatchets allowed them to leapfrog Naita Phoenix and move to the top of the QIF Sunday Premier ladder. It was a good performance by the team, who scored some great goals despite missing several players.

The match was notable for a complete lack of incident, and certainly nothing worthy of being featured in this report. Ostensible team manager Kregg Laundon made one pretty funny comment, but that was about it.

1-0: A low cross from Adam Irelandes found Jenya Demidenok at the far post, who finished to the keeper’s right.
1-1: Just before half-time, the Phoenix striker was played through on goal and finished first time.
2-1: It was Irelandes popping up again to regain the lead for the Hatchets. As the Phoenix players stopped to appeal for the handball, Irelandes coolly slotted the ball through the keeper’s legs.
3-1: Resident quasi-Frenchman “Pierre”-Nicolas Boyer scored one of the goals of the season, and definitely the best goal he’ll ever score. A quick one-two with Demidenok created some space, which gave Boyer the chance to beat two players then chip it into the top corner.
3-2: A late second goal for the Phoenix striker came after a spell of Hatchets pressure, as the opposition broke quickly with a long ball.

The Hatchets managed to hold on for a good win, which takes them back to what many pundits believe is their rightful place on top of the table. This early-season form is promising for Herston, and the boys will be hoping they can build on it to cement their advantage.

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2 Responses to Hatchets Go Top With 3-2 Win

  1. Bulldog Demidenok says:

    Short and to the point lol. Missed my broken toe though 😞

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